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Engagement Models

Digital Health Solutions provides flexibility to meet your project and budgetary requirements.

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Time and Materials

The time and material model is an attractive option in cases when scope, specification, and implementation requirements cannot be clearly defined at the beginning of the project. Under this model, the customer pays the agreed hourly price for the efforts of the developers and project managers.

During the development of the agreement, we work with the client to arrive at an estimate related to cost and time. We also work with the client to arrive at a distribution of workforce between onshore and offshore – to give optimal benefits of speed of execution and costs.

For this engagement model, DHS will build project teams and provide equipment and infrastructure in accordance with project requirements. This model offers enough flexibility to balance team size and project workloads—and, consequently, the budget.


Fixed Price

DHS fixed price model offers customers a low-risk option. This model is used when the scope and requirements of the project are well defined and documented. When the design inputs are well defined, this model provides for on- time, on-budget delivery of the project deliverables, costs, and specified deadlines.

The customer pays a fixed price for the complete project, the cost of which has been estimated based on the design inputs provided by the customer. Within the frame of such projects, we use a phased approach that could include advanced development, design and development, verification, design transfer, support etc. DHS will customize the approach for your project requirements.

Staff Augmentation

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In this model of engagement, DHS provides skilled engineers both offshore as well as onsite, depending on the client’s needs.

Supervision of the project and technical aspects of management of the engineers is left to the client. DHS engineers will be trained to the client’s quality system as needed and the work will be performed under the client’s design control process.

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